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 Would you like an EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report / EDR Arizona Disclosure Report with your home inspection?  

 As you may know, HB 2779 went into effect on September 21st of this year.  The bill allows for a 3rd Party Provider to prepare what’s known as a “Hazards Disclosure Report” when a residential property is being sold.   The Report is a quick and easy way to check for any Natural Hazard or Environmental Issues that might be nearby a property. It searches the neighborhood for:  (pick two or three “hot” topics) Ø     Fissures and Expansive SoilsØ     Landfills and old dumps or other waste disposal sites (ONLY IN NER)Ø     “Superfund” sites – contaminated sites that are the EPA’s “worst of the worst” and are designated as a priority for clean upØ     Proximity to Public, Private, and Military Airpots Ø     “Meth Labs” or other illegal manufacturing activities (ONLY IN NER) We offer the Neighborhood Environmental Report and Arizona Disclosure Report because people are aware of environmental & natural hazards issues and want more information about the properties and neighborhoods that they are looking at. The good news is that most areas are relatively clean.   That said, because of the serious effects that contamination can have on health and property values, it’s in everybody’s best interest to know and it is a relatively small price to pay for increased peace of mind. 


 Background Notes:   n     The Report is based on data provided in local, state, tribal, federal and in some cases, private databases.n     The Report DOES cover Clandestine Drug Labs (like Meth Labs) if the particular State is maintaining a database of their discovery. n     The Report does NOT cover asbestos, mold, lead and radon.n     Important:  just because an area appears “pristine” (rural or up market neighborhood) does not mean that there are not environmental issues!  For Realtors®, the Neighborhood Environmental Report will: n     Increase buyer confidence and neighborhood appeal.n     Reduce risk by relying on an expert report.n     Lead to fewer unpleasant surprises during and after the transaction.n     Quickly, accurately and effectively address an area of growing awareness and concern: environmental contamination!n     Produce greater peace of mind for all parties!  For Home Buyers, why it’s important to know: n     Reduce health risks due to exposure via contaminated soil, surface water, ground water and vapor migration.n     Migration of pollution combined with health risks make environmental contamination a community issue and that is why the report searches beyond the property.n     Future home buyers will have this and more information; today’s buyers should prepare for their future by being sure to have it now. 


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